30 Day Reset Program
What is it actually about? 

If you have already applied to join this program you'll likely be receiving a call from one of our Team very soon to chat further but this page contains more info on our 30 day program along with the Apply Now button link for those who are keen to jump onboard.

During your 30 Days, you'll get up to 3 fully coached Group Conditioning sessions per week within our training facilities, as well as putting you through correct and specific training sessions we will be on hand to help and support you with nutrition.

We also have a Members 'Get Started Guide' to follow along with during the first 4 weeks and digital content including over 100 recipes, videos and nutritional content to help you make progress on that side of things, all included in the Program.

Although we do focus a lot of effort on the training side of what we offer, our members continually tell us it's the small close knit community of our facility and the extra 'content' provided that is the real value. 

I'm sure if you've been part of a dedicated fitness facility before as opposed to a mainstream commercial gym you'll relate well to the valued member model we strive to provide at The Unit Fitness.

The principles of our Fitness Training sessions are to primarily work the whole body, to get you stronger, improve posture, create the ability to move correctly and become fitter so essentially you can do more than you can right now, with less pain and with more ease! 

This simply means you will gain the ability to burn more calories, even at rest, whilst achieving a leaner, stronger body in the process.

The knock on effect is everyday tasks become easier and more manageable, health markers are dramatically improved and you feel 100 times better.

Your specific Program will allow certain bookings and as a brief explanation of what the sessions entail please find a description below.  

Our TUF Conditioning sessions are our staple Strength and Conditioning sessions during which you'll be completing specific workouts to strengthen common weak areas of the body as well as hitting the body fat hard during short intense periods of work.


,We have multiple peak time sessions available at Godmanchester, St. Ives and Alconbury Weald to suit many different work and life schedules.  Members manage their bookings individually and can book sessions on a flexible basis so you're not fixed to having to attend set times and days.

>> You can find out what our latest schedule is here <<

The 30 day Reset Program is £97 upfront and paid via our online booking system.

If you have any further questions or anything you're unsure of then please do respond promptly to the Team member contacting you so we can chat more over the phone.

Dedicated to your success,

Rob, Josh and The Unit Fitness Team

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